“We pour our heart and soul into our food”

When you walk into Mrs Jones The Baker, you will experience a sensory delight. Our array of artisan breads, captivating cakes and pastries and mouth-watering gelato exude sweet and alluring aromas.

Working with the seasons, our focus is also on provenance. Our tasty goods are centred around high quality, organic base ingredients. There are no artificial additives or improvers with gluten, dairy and nut free as well as vegan and low sugar choices too.

Our team of bakers and pastry chefs handcraft these delights at our local bakeries using traditional and modern methods based on learned techniques and hard work – with no corners cut and each item created from scratch.

Sit and enjoy a coffee and a sumptuous cake or pastry or surprise the kids with a hand-made treat from our big rustic table. But if you’re just not sure, stay a while and watch us bake our incredible delicacies through the glass – and let our open kitchen inspire your selection.

At Mrs Jones The Baker, we pour our heart and soul into our food with the purpose of making beautiful artisan bread, cakes, pastries and gelato accessible to everyone.

Pastry Chef Jordon making lemon drizzle cake from scratch every day at Mrs Jones The Baker.
Patisserie cakes northern beaches by Mrs Jones The Baker
The Mrs Jones The Baker team making Norfolk Shortbread in their artisan bakery